Dr. Mohler Speaks - Everyone Listens

On Wednesday, Dr. Molher held an open forum to discuss the state of Southern Seminary.

Leading up to this even many people were wondering what was going to be said. There was no lack of speculation. I vainly imagined it was a press conference to promote Said At Southern. I kept wondering why someone from the administration hadn't called. But no news can be good news.

It turns out that Dr. Mohler was going public with the most recent update he had given at the Spring Seminary Trustee meeting. Once again Dr. Mohler has demonstrated his leadership quality. He understands the importance of sharing the vision of SBTS in a very public way. I was encouraged by the reports. God is doing something remarkable at our Seminary and I am thankful to be a student.

Will has posted a summary of Dr. Mohler's comments.

Timmy traced Dr. Mohler's vision back to James Boyce and forward into a future where every Southern Baptist Churches is a mini-SBTS. The comments on Timmy's blog are very active so be sure to share your thought there as well.

Here are some more numbers from the presentation:

  • 1 out of every 4 seminary students in the SBC are studying through Southern
  • Of the 4,156 students at SBTS - there are 1,589 in the School of Theology, 890 in the Billy Graham School of Evangelism, Mission and Church Growth, and 1,108 in Boyce College (there are other schools as well).
  • The tuition at other theological institutions (Fuller, RTS, Trinity, etc) is at least 3x more than Southerns.
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- posted by Tony Kummer

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