New Audio Features Added & Alumni Links Wanted

To the right you'll see several podcasts from Southern affiliated people. If you know of more let me know. I'd also like to link alumni with content online.


Matthew R. Perry said...

My name is Matthew Perry, the editor of Feel free to include our podcasts from Boone's Creek Baptist Church in Lexington, KY, at

Thanks so much.

Steve Weaver said...

The site looks great. Thanks for your work on this.

Steve Weaver, 2005 M.Div. graduate

RSS Feed for blog:

SermonAudio Podcast:

Brandon said...

I love this concept. Thanks for creating this site.

My wife and I moved up to Louisville and I will start seminary in the summer.

Theron Mathis said...

My name is Theron Mathis

I am a 99 alumnus.

Here's my site:

Abby said...
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Kevin Maples said...

I am a 2004 M.Div. graduate.

My church website:

My sermon podcast/rss feed:

My preaching homepage is:

Thanks for creating this site.

Kevin Maples