Video - John Piper's Christ-Centered Grammar at SBTS

This may be the most Christ-exalting language I've ever heard. This is one reason why I love Dr. Piper's preaching - he is relentless in pointing me to Jesus. You can listen to the whole sermon here.

This is our 5th post on Piper and we have at least one more to go. Here are the first four.

Other SBTS bloggers were talking about Piper this week.


Timmy said...


What a blessing this is! Great job in putting this together.

Such a truth-laiden, passion-driven, Christ-exalting, God-entranced, casual-Christian-indicting excerpt is soaked in the glories and excellecies of our supreme Treasure, Jesus Chirst.

May we learn to preach thus, and thus carry our world to the cross where they can find utter satisfaction in Him.

Because He is more than icing on the cake,


Steve said...

Thanks for the link to my blog. You should add Joe Thorn under alumni. Thanks again.


Trent Hunter said...


Nice choice in name for this post. Someone needs to write a book on, "Christ-Centered Grammar!"Piper ably employs the English language for the maximization of his clarity and Christ's honor!

Great job on this site friend!


Brent said...

I apologize if this is not the best way to go about this but I would love to be added to the alumni section. I'm an M.Div. graduate now pastoring in TX. Thanks so much for your work here. My blog is:

Timmy said...

I would like to second the motion to have Joe and Brent's blog added to alumni list.

Two more alumni are Tim Ellsworth and Jim Hamilton (For His Glory).

Speaking of SBTS bloggers, I wonder if there are any other schools doing anything like this. I think Toronto Baptist Seminary has a group blog of sorts, but I am not sure.

Tony Kummer said...

I'll add the alumni feeds. We are trying to create a place for this kind of dialog. It seems like some of the best content driven blogs are associated with SBTS people.

If anyone knows of others, just leave their site on a comment. We also need to do a redesign and would appreciate any suggestions.

Timmy said...


A couple more alumni and friends to add . . .

Scott Slayton

Nathan Finn

Scott is a pastor in AL, and Nathan is working on his Ph.D at SEBTS.

RJ said...

Hi! I was referred to this video from DG. I wanted to ask if there's a downloadable video file for this? Was hoping to share this to friends..

Thanks... 1Timothy 1:17

Tony Kummer said...

The video is online only, I'm not sure if you can download from YouTube.

Thanks I'll check them out.

RJ said...

Thanks anyway! God bless always!