5 Ways We Can Help Your Blog

Blogging isn't fair.

SBTS bloggers are engaging culture like few others can: from a Bible-saturated, God-glorifying, Truth-defending, Church-serving, Christ-exalting worldview.

These are the best blogs that NO ONE READS. How will your voice be heard above the noise of the blogosphere?

We can help.

We’re building this blog to serve you. Our site is an open door to all that is being Said At Southern. We only started last month but the response had been strong. View our traffic and links. That said, here are 5 ways we can help your blog:
  1. Growing Traffic
    Our site is designed to drive traffic to your site. The aggregator boxes, the RSS feed displays, the weakly reviews, the top secret features we’re developing – all of this is will send readers your way.

  2. Our Network
    At its core blogging is a social expression. Intelligent conversation will make you a better thinking and a better blogger. When you read Kingdom People, Consumed, Col 3.16 and P&P you will grow. Interact with these guys and it will happen faster.

  3. Comment Threads
    Add relevant, thoughtful and humble comments to all our posts. Readers will want more. This is old news if you watch your traffic. Regular comments here will payback with comments on your blog. Because we're building a conversation, the S@S team replies to comments several times per day.

  4. Guest Blogging Opportunities
    We're seeking guest content for Said At Southern. Your content can be a regular part of what we publish. This is open to alumni, students and faculty. Just email TonyKummer@Gmail.com

  5. Expectations
    This week we will post our “Said At Southern Blogger Expectations.” This document will bring accountability and quality control to our growing network. How does a Christian blog? What scriptures should restrain and compel us in what we write? Our user agreement will help you glorify God when you blog.
All this begs the question, "How can I help Said At Southern?" We'll have to get to that in another post. For now subscribe to our feed in a reader or Get Said At Southern via Email.

Comments are open. Where would you like to see this Said At Southern? What new features would you suggest?

- posted by Tony Kummer, April 16, 2007


Will J said...

Quick question about the blog. I'm a student at Southern and have a blog, but not all of the content is related to something theological or about school. Do yall only add blogs that are mostly w/ this content? Just curious.

will j

Tony Kummer said...

What is not theological?

Leave a link and I'll check it out. As long as you meet our user expectations you would be eligible for a link.

We link all kinds.

Will J said...

Non-theological things like my last post was some pictures from our trip to England. I'll be keeping a post about our church's softball team. Those types of things. I like to write about missions. I served as a Jmen to South Asia before coming here. Here's the link:

Thanks Tony.