Eleven Posts For The Weekend

Here is my version of a Said At Southern Top 11 for this week. It seemed like this week everyone was publishing lengthy and well conceived posts. I am amazed to see the diversity and quality represented by the SBTS blogging community. Students and alumni who can produce this kind of content are a great endorsement of Southern Seminary.

Here are my top eleven in no particular order. If I've missed your favorite post - just let me know in the comments.

- posted by Tony Kummer on April 14, 2007.


Trevin said...

Thanks for doing this, Tony. I hope you'll begin doing this every week. I don't usually have time to sift through all the SBTS blogs out there, so this will be a help to me in making sure I don't miss some of the most thoughtful posts of the week.

Stephen Newell said...

Thanks for the props, Tony. I'll try to post something worthy every week, hopefully without making an idol of my blog in the process!

Trevin is right, this makes it easier to sift through all this stuff.

Tony Kummer said...

I'm really impressed with all the posts this week. I was wrong to think Spring Reading days would lead to less blogging.

If this becomes a weekly feature we'll need a pithy title. Any suggestions?

Timmy Brister said...

Cheesy, but . . .

Southern Shout Outs


Abstracts of Systematic Blogging (a la Boyce)

Nevermind. They are both bad.

Tony Kummer said...

A Systematic Abstract of Blogology

Stephen Newell said...

How about "Southern Sanctimonies?"


Tony Kummer said...

Stephen - don't you know we can't take a joke?

Any other ideas out there?