Top 10 Posts For The Weekend - plus 7 extra

What a week. I'm featuring 17 posts with the sincere promise that I will be more discerning next week. But as I reviewed my "Well Said . . ." file I realized this was a special week.

The blogosphere exploded with stories and comments about the Virginia Tech shootings. We're still seeing and feeling the magnitude of this event. I am so pleased that the God-centered bloggers were prepared to give an answer for their hope. I tracked 31 posts dealing with VT. You can browse them with my google reader if you like. Here are the highlights:

Top 5 posts about the VT tragedy

  1. Virginia Tech - Our Home for Six Years from Power of Change

  2. Virginia Tech: A Biblical Response from The Silent Holocron

  3. Therapy or Theology? Responding to the Massacre. from Denny Burk

  4. On Faith -- Facing the Reality of Evil from Albert Mohler's Blog

  5. Living in an Unseen Storm: Christians and the Disturbed from consumed
That news rightly dominated the first half of the week. But Wednesday blogging was returning to normal. Here are a few more posts we linked that deserve your attention. If I've left out your greatest blogging achievement - leave a message in the comments.

12 More Posts For The Weekend
These are in no set order. If we've left out a post that changed your life just leave a comment to that effect.

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- posted by Tony Kummer, April 20, 2007

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