Former SBTS Professor Expanding His Leadership

Joe Thorn is reporting that Ed Stetzer (a former SBTS professor) has been selelcted to head a new LifeWay, NAMB And IMB collaborative research effort. Marty Duren at SBC Outpost praises this as a sign that Rainer understands how SBC entities can work together.

Read about it here from LifeWay.

There seems to be a trend of SBTS talent making its way to LifeWay. Thom Rainer, Brad Waggoner, Tom Hellams are all former SBTS guys. This is a good thing for our convention.

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- posted by Tony Kummer, April 20, 2007

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Timmy Brister said...


If I am not mistaken, Dr. Stephen Drake is there as well, also a former prof at SBTS.

This is really good news for LifeWay and for Stetzer. Just the other day I had pulled out his dissertation in the library and was reading through it. I was thinking, "Roger Moran and the Executive Committee could really benefit from reading this."

Dr. Rainer seems to be turning things around, and the Reform that we have seen in our seminaries is beginning to take place in our publishing and curriculum.

Thanks for sharing this news here at S@S.