7 Posts For the Weekend

Here are my top seven posts from 4/20/2007 - 4/26/2007. If I've missed your favorite post - just let me know in the comments. These are in no particular order. You can see all my "Well Said . . . " picks here.

  1. "Laden With the Power to Devalue Human Life" -- The... from Albert Mohler's Blog. Dr. Mohler addresses the Supreme Court decision on partial birth abortion.
  2. An Open Letter to Morris Chapman on Biblical Eldership
    from Provocations & Pantings. Another well written 'provocation' by Timmy reminds us of the historic baptist understanding of elders.
  3. MUSIC AND THE MINISTRY OF THE WORD In the modern e... from Ron's Blog. How does the music ministry of your church relate to God's Word? Here is an important issue that is often a casualty of the worship wars.
  4. The Authority of the King: Jesus and Divorce (Exposition... from Pastor Steve Weaver's Blog. Steve's sermon is a great example of how SBTS alumni don't shrink from unpopular texts when preaching.
  5. Reading Books Instead of Blogs from consumed. Owen reminds us we give us when we read too many blogs.
  6. Mockingbird: The Postlogue from Off The Wire. Matt finishes his Derek Webb review. If you're interested in doing cultural analysis on music check out his whole series on Mockingbird.
  7. “Should the Water Divide Us? Baptism, Church Membership, and the Glory of Christ” notes on a lecture by Dr. Greg Wills,... from Strange BaptistFire. Andrew provided another excellent live blog from Southern Seminary.
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- posted by Tony Kummer

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