Responding to the Virginia Tech Tragedy - A Call To Prayer

4/17/07 8:23 Update: What happened yesterday continues to come to light. I'm constantly updating the list of S@S posts that address the issue. Don't miss Dr. Mohler's second radio show dealing with the tragedy and his commentary on Facing the Reality of Evil.

The VT chapter of Campus Crusade has been posting photos of prayer vigils.

The VT New Life Christian Fellowship is posting prayers and encouragement.

When I got home from class tonight I began to hear about the shootings at Virginian Tech. I want to call all of our readers to spend significant time praying about this tragedy. The news media has labeled it the Massacre at Virginia Tech.

Take a break now and pray for everyone affected by this tragedy.

Below I've compiled what some Said At Southern bloggers have been saying. Don't miss Dr. Mohler's response on his Monday radio program. I thank God for giving Dr. Mohler the discernment to speak biblically and compassionately in times like this.

Desiring God has also posted What to Say About Virginia Tech.

Here is a listing of on campus ministries at Virginia Tech. Pray that they God might use them to offer hope in this tragedy. Pray that the Christian response will point people to Christ. HT:Flowers Family

Reformed University Fellowship at Virginia Tech

Campus Crusade for Christ at VT

Canterbury (Episcopal) Fellowship

Baptist Collegiate Ministries at Virginia Tech

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

Christ’s Church at Virginia Tech

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Lutheran Student Movement

The Navigators

New Life Campus Fellowship

Presbyterian Campus Ministry at VT

Wesley Foundation at Virginia Tech

- posted by Tony Kummer - April 16, 2007

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