Independent Hands of God and Men: Providence in Classic Arminianism by Dr. Bruce Ware

The outline for session two of the Spring Resurgence Conference entitled "Independent Hands of God and Men: Providence in Classic Arminianism" is now available. To download and listen to Dr. Ware's message, click here.

- posted by Timmy Brister, April 10, 2007


Tony Kummer said...

Thanks again for the latest. You Said at Southern guys are on top of things. Wait, was that boasting? Rather, Timmy Brister is on top of things.

Seriously, thanks for these links. I'm still working on the Open Theism one but Dr. Ware does a great job communicating some heavy theology.

Paul Schafer said...

Southern Sem Bloggers,

Just to let you know, I have collected Bruce Ware's MP3 Sermons as well.